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20 March 2013 @ 12:35 pm
The Heart of Life is Good  
Title: The Heart of Life is Good
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Santana/Rachel
Rating: PG-13 for Santana's mouth
Summary: Rachel’s looking at her with these pathetic eyes, this almost desperate look on her face as Liam presses his nose against the cheap pet store glass.
Based one this prompt from somewhere on the Santana Drabble Meme:

“Rachel, no.”

Rachel’s looking at her with these pathetic eyes, this almost desperate look on her face as Liam presses his nose against the cheap pet store glass, the only thing keeping him from the kittens tumbling inside. He is fucking cute, his pudgy hand clasping at the glass as he looks back at them and insistently cries,


He’s not stupid, he’s asking for one of those fucking kittens, but the kid’s just going to have to resign himself to the fact that they are not going home with one of those cats. Rachel has her hand around Santana’s bicep, squeezing a little too tightly, as she points out one of the kittens in the back.

“I love cats.”

Her voice is all breathy and borderline tearful and fuck, Santana starts laughing at her right there in the store, even though she knows she’s going to pay for it later. Rachel swats at her and tells her to stop it, that she’s drawing attention to them, and she busies herself with reminding Liam not to bang on the glass before he can get them in any more trouble. She turns around again once Liam’s stopped his antics and says,

“You know he’d love it, T.”

“Rach – he’s like, the most accident prone kid I know. He’d probably crush the thing to death trying to give it a hug or drop it down the stairs or fuck, bury it in a fort. We can’t give him a little thing that can’t even defend itself.”

Rachel’s cheeks get all pink and she gets a little huffy but yeah, she can’t argue. She reluctantly lifts Liam in her arms, blows a raspberry on his cheek to distract him, and then Santana hurries them out of the store before Liam has time to remember the he actually wanted one of those things. He looks a little confused, checking over Rachel’s shoulder to see if he can track them down, but his interest is captured by a bright toy store as they pass and a ‘toddler crisis’ is averted.

Santana catches Rachel scrolling through the pages of cats for the local humane society that evening, long after Liam’s settled down the hall, and presses a kiss to her forehead before saying,

“Come to bed, babe. Those cats are better off without a two year old boy chasing after them.”


Seriously, fuck her life.

She works in a downtown office building and somehow a cat has managed to weasel its way into their ventilation system and abandon its four kittens in their back storage room. They aren’t brand new but they’re still fucking tiny and they look like shit when the morning janitor finds them, all matted and crying and hungry. How she gets sucked into this mess is beyond her but then she’s looking at four little bodies, all curled together and trembling as the staff try and fit coats and sweaters around them, and all she can think is that Rachel is going to fucking murder her if she tells her this story and these kittens aren’t taken care of.

Someone manages to get them into a vet clinic on their lunch break but then they’re back and the word is that they’re old enough to take wet kitten food, negative for fleas and in pretty decent shape, considering. She slips into the lunch room on her afternoon break and crouches next to the box to get a better look at them. Her heart legit hurts when she sees three of the kittens all piled on top of each other and the little orange tabby curled up on its own, pressing into a soft blue knit to try and draw some warmth.

“Fuck.” She breathes, slipping her hand under the tiny, warm body and bringing it to her chest.

The kitten mewls pitifully but quiets as soon as it’s pressed against Santana’s skin, cupped in her warm hands. She rubs her thumb over its soft pink nose, watches it yawn and then resettle its head on her chest and fuck, she’s done for. She grabs a napkin from the table and scrawls a message across it, leaving it in the box with the other kittens,

Orange one’s spoken for – Lopez

She’s not heartless so there’s no way she’s leaving her kitten to freeze with the other ones, so she brings it back to her desk, drapes a hand towel over her A-line skirt and lets it sleep in her lap until it’s time to leave.


Cats need lots of shit, apparently; she stops by the same clinic and a pet store on the way home just to make sure they have sufficient shit to keep the kitten alive for a day (until Rachel can deal with the long term cat entertainment).

It’s a boy, she had the clinic check while she was there, but she doesn’t bother naming him because she kind of wants Liam to do it. She keeps him in her lap for the drive home, which is a fucking terrible idea because he’s kind of perked up and wants to scramble all over her while she tries to focus on the road. She leaves all the shit in the car because she wants to surprise Rachel, and when she opens the door and finds Liam playing in the hallway, her plan gets that much better.

“Liam, dude.” She hisses, shushing him when he looks up from his trains.

“Mama,” He mock whispers, scrambling to get up and running to give her a hug, “Hi, mama.”

“Hey, baby.” She whispers, pressing a kiss against his little nose and watching him scrunch it.

“Liam, do you want to help me surprise mommy?”

Her voice is low and conspiratorial so his eyes widen and he nods frantically, grinning and kind of dancing on the spot. She tells him to hold out his hands, and then lays the kitten in them, watching him gasp and pull the tiny body to his chest. His eyes are so, so wide and his expression is so shocked that she wishes she’d thought to bring a camera. He doesn’t really say much, just holds the kitten tight against him and uses his fingers to stroke through the soft stripes on its head as he whispers all reverently,

“Oh, Mama.”

“Should we show mommy?” She asks, her voice still a low whisper.

“Show mommy!” Liam crows and Santana doesn’t bother shushing him, the kid’s excited.

She hears Rachel’s soft laugh before she sees her, wiping her hands on a dishtowel as she says,

“Show me what, buddy?”

He holds the cat up under its armpits, squirming and wriggling in his grasp, and Rachel just kind of gasps, looking between the two of them as she says,

“Santana – what?”

“I’ll explain later,” She says, laughing as Rachel crouches next to their son and helps him hold the kitten a little more securely, “but yeah, we have a cat.”

It doesn’t really surprise her that Rachel starts crying, because she cries over everything and the girl has seriously been begging for a cat since they were roommates in university. Liam hands the cat over reluctantly and Rachel holds the kitten against her stomach, cupped in both hands, as he mewls and rubs his head into the fabric of her shirt. Liam pats him on the head (Rachel catching his hand before he can do it too hard) and proclaims,

“Him’s a Nemo.”

Rachel looks up at her with this ‘our son is a genius’ expression, which she figures has to do with the fact that both Nemo and their cat are orange with white stripes, and Santana has to agree that Liam did a pretty damn good job of naming their cat. It’s not something stupid like ‘kitty’ or ‘fluffy’, it’s original and it has spunk.

Liam wraps himself around her legs, kissing at her knee and tugging on her skirt, “Thank you, Mama.”

She lifts him up and kisses his nose, “You’re welcome, Liam. Are you going to help Mommy take care of Nemo?”

He nods fervently and reaches over the pet him as Rachel stands, his little fingers stroking the orange fur gently. Rachel sets the little guy down on the ground and the three of them watch him wobble down the hallway, meowing  occasionally as he explores, Liam trailing after him excitedly. Rachel waits until Liam’s rounded the corner with Nemo to fucking pounce on Santana, licking into her mouth and breathlessly saying,

“I love you.”

Yeah, she was going to ask for some sexual favours as payment for giving into this absolute insanity, but that? Somehow, it’s enough.

The Teasemaster: glee - santana - eyerolltinylegacies on March 21st, 2013 02:10 am (UTC)
I love this! There was a tiny part of me that was hoping Rachel was pregnant and she, Santana, and Kurt were going to raise the baby in fabulousness :)
Phelipaphelipa on March 21st, 2013 10:12 am (UTC)
Thank you!
(um, I was pretty sure I was the only one so join me in mourning last week's episode ;) I know it was totally stupid but I still wanted that baby!)