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Grey's Anatomy

As Good As It Gets Addison, G
By the way, I Love You Addison/Mark, PG-13
Alex Alex/Addison, Mark/Addison, PG-13
All My Love Addison (Hints of Addison/Derek and Addison/Mark), PG *Character Death*

House MD

"Thirteen" Drabbles Thirteen, Thirteen/Foreman, up to R
Say It's Possible (1/3) House/Cuddy, PG
Say It's Possible (2/3) House/Cuddy, NC-17
Say It's Possible (3/3) House/Cuddy, PG
Happiness Cuddy-centric, PG


Wide As The Galaxies Ben/Juliet, PG-13
Different Names for the Same Thing Ben/Juliet, NC-17
I've been dead and I wanna come out Ben/Juliet, PG
The Strength Inside Me Burning Ben/Juliet, Goodwin/Juliet, R

Where I'd Like To Be When The World Falls Down Sawyer/Juliet, R
Send Your Lifeboats Juliet/Sawyer, PG
i'll be gone before the dawn. Sawyer/Juliet, PG
but in the end, everyone ends up alone Sawyer/Juliet, PG-13 *Character Death*
All I can give to you is loving Sawyer/Juliet, PG
what if i went and lost myself, would you know where to find me? Sawyer/Juliet, PG *Character Death*
Gone Away Sawyer/Juliet, PG
Lord, How Long? Sawyer/Juliet, PG
Disillusioned by the thought of flawless love. Sawyer/Juliet, R
Will you stay for all time? Sawyer/Juliet, PG
Candy coated figures hold me in my bed Sawyer/Juliet, NC-17
She's everything I`ve missed and more. Sawyer/Juliet, PG
Under the stars, at the edge of the sea. Sawyer/Juliet, Hard R
The heart that I stole, I`m not giving it back Sawyer/Juliet, PG
To tell you the end of the tale would be cheating. Sawyer/Juliet, PG-13
You're the storm that I've been needing Sawyer/Juliet, PG

catch your death Kate/Sawyer, Jack/Juliet, PG *Character Death*
At every occasion I'll be waiting for a funeral Sawyer/Kate, PG
Inside I'm screaming. Sawyer/Kate, PG-13

Shiver. Claire/Juliet, PG-13
Hold me close, before we turn to stone Claire/Juliet, Light R

it's hard being left behind Desmond/Penny, PG
Lost_Squee Ficlet collection Juliet/Jack, Juliet/Alex, Juliet, Juliet/Kate, Desmond Penny (Ranging from PG-Hard R)
Lightning crashes, a new mother cries. Aaron + Kate, PG
I knew I was right, but I learned I was wrongAlex, PG
Took a ride on a suicide romance Kate, Hard R
Waiting for someone to come pick me up off the tracks Sawyer/Juliet, Jack/Juliet, NC-17
We can hear the first beat to the flatline Juliet/Charlotte, R *suicide*
Our hearts, they beat and break Jack/Juliet, NC-17

lost_in_108 Drabbles
I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too Juliet/Charlotte, R
Barely Breathing Miles/Juliet, R
This thing between my lungs is making me so tired Charlotte/Dan/Juliet, R

Private Practice
and i love you. Violet, PG

Even the saints can't help me now Santana/Brittany, NC-17
Take this world off my shoulders, the weight is breaking me Quinn, Quinn/Puck, PG-13
Destination? Horror. Kurt & Quinn, PG-13
Once, the only colour I knew was grey Quinn/Puck, PG-13
Just two jerks playing with matches Quinn/Puck, R
Bandaids for Bullet Holes Santana/Puck, R

philosophy_20 Table

I've taken on my first table! James "Sawyer" Ford/Juliet Burke, Lost.

1.Birth - All I can give to you is loving 2.Loss - To tell you the end of the tale would be cheating. 3.Ends Justify The Means 4.Inertia - what if i went and lost myself, would you know where to find me? 5.Syzygy
6.Theory 7.Both Sides 8.Faith 9.Orientation 10.Time - Disillusioned by the thought of flawless love.
11.Extrinsic - Candy coated figures hold me in my bed 12.6th Sense 13.Love Beyond Desire 14.Parallel 15.Infinity-Gone Away
16.God 17.Lack of God- Lord, How Long?
18.And if the answer is no / can I change your mind? 19.Caught in the form of limitation - The heart that I stole, I`m not giving it back 20.Reflection

If I kiss you where it's sore, will you feel better?

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Santana/Rachel
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written for this prompt at the Glee Girls Smut Meme (
She’s coming off of a fucking awful on call shift and she’s really struggling to keep herself awake long enough to buy a package of bacon, a slab (an actual slab, not a bar) of milk chocolate, and a bag of potato chips because if she doesn’t eat something, she’ll die.

Collapse )

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